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CJRC members in the Media

Since its establishment in 2006 the CJRC and its members have been mentioned in the media. The list below provides some examples. If you are aware of more, please contact the CJRC.

Featured Members(s) Author Publication Title Date 
 Professor Arie Freiberg  Professor Arie Freiberg  The Age  Evidence on pedophiles doesn't support concerns  06 Jun 08
 Dr Georgina Heydon  Michael Kuzilny and Aleta Howe  A Life in Crime A Life in Crime with Michael Kuzilny and Aleta Howe (Season 3, Episode 9)  08 May 08
 Dr Ceridwen Spark  Dr Ceridwen Spark  The Age  The poor of PNG need the money that minging will bring them  08 Feb 08
 Associate Professor Colleen Lewis  -  ABC Melbourne  Nixon vows to move on after Ashby 'betrayal'  10 Nov 07
 Professor Paul Mullen  Karen Kissane  The Age  Encouter with Paul Mullen  10 Nov 07 
 Dr Georgina Heydon  Damien Carrick  ABC Radio: The LAW Report  Police Interviews  31 Jul 07
 Professor Bernadette McSherry  Kaitlyn Sawrey  Triple J Radio: Hack  Is provocation an excuse?  19 Jul 07 
 Associate Professor Colleen Lewis  Eleanor Hall  ABC Radio: The World Today  Call for random drug and alcohol testing for Vic Police  04 Jun 07